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    Post Date Feb 19,2020
    CAS Registry Number4879-6-9
    Buy Pains meds Adderall Xanax percocet Ritalin Diapezam Oxycontin High Quality Grade(99.98%) Mephedrone (2- methylamino 1-onealso known as 4-methylmethcathinone(4-MMC).We are one of the top suppliers in wholesale and retail of mephedrone andother plants research chemicals such as:
    Mephedrone crystal and powder methedrone Flephedrone Mathedrone Buphedrone Ethedrone Brephedrone,Ephedrine 2fdck apvp
    Mdma and BK mdma crystals and powder,
    methylone butylone NAPHYRONE MBDB Mdai,
    5-Methylmethylone crystal and powder,
    5-Methylethylone 2-Methylbutylone 5-Methylbutylone Butylone Eutylone Pentylone,
    4-MEC large and small crystals,
    ( (RS)-1-(4-methylphenyl)-,2-methylaminopropan-1-one ), methamphetamine, detrophetamine, Ethcathinone, Methoxetamine, Dimethocaine
    Dimethylcathinone crystal and powder, Diethylpropion, Methcathinone, Ethcathinone,
    3-MMC 3-MEC 3-EMC 3-EEC 4-EMC 4-EEC 3-MOMC 2-FMC 2-FEC a-PVP 3-FMC 3-FEC 3-CMC FPVP 3-BMC N,N-DEMC 3,4-DMMC 4-MePPP,MOPPP, FPPP,MPBP,MPHP,MDPPP, MDPBP, Powder and crystals AM 2201 AM2202 am1220 am122 2ci and 2ce 2ci 2CP,2CE 2CB 2CD FLY 2CC 2CP 2CT21,  2CT4,jwh-JWH-018 , JWH-250,JWH-018,JWH-073,JWH-200,JWH-250,JWH-240,jwh-350, compliments of Meo-crystal and powder,5-Meo-DMT,4-Aco-DMT,4-Ho-MIPT 4 Jolly Green Granules
    Mail: dragonhaze@protonmail.ch
    Wickr : dragonhaze
    Contact Details Company: Bulk Research chemicals Lab
    Contact: Benjamin Lee
    Tel: 2098524182
    Email: dragonhaze@protonmail.ch
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